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Local & National Scrap Brake Disc Prices

Firstly, the total weight is a major factor in determining Scrap Brake Disc prices. Secondly, your discs must be steel/cast iron. If not, some dealers won’t buy them. Also, the manufacturer and size of your discs has little bearing upon the value. For example, a smaller twin front brake disc may weigh more than a larger, rear single disc. Therefore, the heavier disc will be more valuable. In addition, you’ll get a higher price for delivery to site, than getting them collected.


You will most likely receive a rate per tonne, so you can compare them in your own time.

Tips When Selling Scrap Brake Discs

Firstly, fill in the form with details about your Scrap Brake Discs.


After that, you will be contacted by vetted scrap metal buyers covering your area.

Condition, name, email address, contact method, logistics, county & accept terms
Quantity, approximate weight, telephone number, collection city or postcode. additional information & photos.

Scrap brake disc prices may differ based on delivery or collection.


Most scrap metal dealers will only collect if there is a sufficient quantity of metal. In addition, prices for collection may be lower than if you were to deliver to site because of time, fuel and man power.


Also, if you have a small amount of material and select “Collection Required”, the response may be limited to mobile scrap collectors.

You will normally be paid by BACS or Bank Transfer. So, bring your bank details. Payments are often made the same day and usually within 24 hours. Payments onto your bank card & cheques may be available at some locations. CASH IS BANNED.

1) Photo ID – Drivers Licence, or Passport + Recent Utility Bill
2) Bank Card – Account Number & Sort Code

Recycle Scrap Brake Discs with SCRAPPIE.CO.UK

In conclusion, Scrappie will save you heaps of time and help you maximise value.


Because of our extensive network, Scrappie will help you find the right prices. But most importantly, the right buyer.


If you have not received any quotes within 24 hours, please contact us.